Blazing Shooter - January Update

With 79 git commits, and 5 months into development, public release is nearing.
Perhaps I'm a completionist, but it seems as for every little feature I add, my to-do list also grow with three more ideas. I can't possibly implement all of them.
I want to get on with more webdev projects soon, so I've written a short checklist to follow until release. More cool stuff can always be added later.
I need to make a couple bosses, borrow some sounds (probably from Freesound), integrate Google Play Games achievements if it's not too much of a hassle, and most importantly; polish and fix bugs.
The latter takes most of my time.. I had some serious issues with the guns overlapping sporadically, and the game kept saying my ship was destroyed when it wasn't. It's all about loading and saving variables at the right place, and recycling elements properly.

Enemy flickers red when hit. And whenever the super weapon is activated, it destroys pretty much anything in it's path.

I'm proud of my new bullets, "blazers" as I call them. I also have a timed superweapon that drops from enemies occasionally. The super timer can be extended in the upgrade-scene.

The game is now truly endless with randomized enemy waves, but I want to expand the types of waves further, as well as the randomness within those to increase fun-factor.

With school 4 nights a week, and my son still queuing for a spot at the daycare, development isn't going super fast, but still on an almost daily basis.
I'll refrain from speculating a release-date this time, but it's soon (™).