Space Shooter in the making

(Codename) Blazing Shooter is an arcade style top-down space shooter in the making, currently in closed alpha testing in Google Play Store. I use Corona as framework and Lua as language.

Attempting to make and publish my very own game has been my most fun and challenging experience yet.
I never realized how much details is actually going into a simple space shooter. From how the bullet shoots out of the ship, to potential collision with enemy, removing the bullet, withdrawing health from the enemy, causing explosion if defeated, dropping rewards that if collided with the player cause an appropriate action.
All of those features needs to be implemented, and it has been a really fun process learning to code all of this.

Despite being no artist by far, I've decided to do all of the graphics myself.
For sure, using free graphics online would make this game feel a lot more polished, but I would feel a lot more accomplished without. I doubt that yet another arcade shooter on the Play Store would gain much attention anyway, even with better 2D-sprites.
These neonish line-based drawings seems to grow on me anyway. However, sounds I will get online instead of blowing "pew pew" sounds in a microphone.

As you can see, I need more enemy graphics. Don't worry about the second image, I'm just testing out curved transitions.

I've spent most of my free time these last 2.5 months on making it, and I can only hope it's ready for production by Christmas.
I have yet to add sound, more enemies (+ graphics for them), and I will spend a lot of time making enemy waves unique, with a proper difficulty.

I initially had my code public on GitHub, but after I started posting screenshots, I had a handful people a day cloning my project. So I got a bit paranoid and made it private as I would rather release my own game first before anyone else does it.

Stay tuned for more updates!